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Preguntas Frecuentes

  • - What is the school schedule?
    Classes start at 9:10 a.m. and finish at 3:25 p.m. They have a 45-min lunch break from 12.30 to 1.15pm.
  • - How many students are usually in the classrooms?
    We have reduced size classes to provide more personalized attention. In a smaller class, it’s more difficult for students to hide and get left behind. Having fewer students means that each one can get the attention they need from their teacher.
  • - What are the start dates of the upcoming academic year 2022-2023?
    The High School program starts on the 13th of September. The University program starts on the 12th of September.
  • - Are meals offered at school?
    Meals are not offered. We have a student lounge with sofas and tables on each floor to offer students a space to rest and eat at lunch break time. They have a microwave available to heat the food. There is also a cafeteria in front of the college where they offer healthy food and menus at a very affordable price and a supermarket just below.
  • - Is there a transportation service available?
    No. Public buses in both directions make their stops right at the Alzambra roundabout and in Puerto Banús, which is right next to our facilities.
  • - Do you offer accommodation?
    We do not provide accommodation for our students however, our administration team can assist with locating for renting flats, renting rooms with families, or local hotels. The best areas where our students tend to reside are: "Los Naranjos", "Nueva Andalucia", "La Dama De Noche", or "Puerto Banús".
  • - What’s different about ACS?
    Our small classes mean that we can offer individualized and personalized attention in the classroom, as well as supervised homework sessions and teacher assistance outside the classroom. Not only do students learn more in small classes, but they also learn faster. And this means the class progresses through the course material more quickly. Their learning is enhanced by the confidence that students develop. They are encouraged to share their opinions and ask and answer questions, which also benefits their peers.
  • - Do you offer scholarships?
    Student Financial Aid: We offer U.S. students the possibility of applying for financial aid through Broward College's main Campus. As The American College in Spain is not a public institution, we cannot offer Financial Aid locally. Non-U.S. students have the possibility of applying for one of our scholarships: The James Butler Foundation Scholarship * – Must have a GPA of 3.2 onwards. These are given out to two students per year and the amounts awarded are based on the following: GPA 4.0: 3.200€ GPA range: 3.6 and 3.9, or 9.5-9.9, or B+: 2.500€ GPA range: 3.2-3.5, or 9.0-9.4, or B: 1.800€ Sports Scholarship – Must be playing for, or enrolled in one of the academies we work with and /or be officially federated. The Sports scholarship amount is 2.000€. Payment plan options – We do offer payment plans upon request. * In order to be offered The James Butler scholarship, students have to have been enrolled in ACS for at least one semester. This scholarship is available for one year and the student must maintain the GPA.
  • - Does ACS offer accessibility services to students with learning disabilities?
    Students receive guidance/assistance from the academic advisor. Students with learning disabilities are given special accommodations, including extra time during exams and multiple breaks. In order to be able to accommodate students accordingly, ACS may require documentation. Faculty are also informed so that they are aware of these accommodations.
  • - Do you offer sports, either during the day or extracurricular?
    During school hours, we offer various sports activities on Physical Education (PE), Health, and Personalized Fitness. But those are curricular activities, and not extracurricular. Although we don't offer extracurricular activities, The American College in Spain is the education provider for many athletes in The Costa del Sol. We offer personalized instruction and flexible schedules to students enrolled in different sports programs. Please check the following link for further details:
  • - Do you admit students throughout the all year?
    Yes. We are pleased to offer rolling admissions, therefore enrolling students throughout the academic year.
  • - From which year can I start studying here?
    We offer middle school (Grades 7 and 8), high school (Grades 9 to 12), and the first 2 years of university.
  • - What diploma does the student receive once they finish the high school?
    Students earn a U.S. diploma from Mizzou Academy University of Missouri which is a recognized and fully accredited U.S. high school.
  • - What degree does the student receive once they finish the 2 years of university?
    Upon completion of those 2 years of college, students receive the "Associate of Arts Degree" from Broward College, which is recognized and accepted worldwide.
  • - Do I need to finish my university studies in the US?
    Not necessarily, you can finish your bachelor's degree at any American university in the world. We have agreements with universities in London, Madrid, Paris, etc...
  • - If I don't have a high school diploma, can I access the university program?
    Yes. You must have 1 of the following qualifications: Spanish High School Diploma International Baccalaureate (IB), with 6 subjects passed. British Curriculum – 5 GCSE’s with a minimum grade of “C”. American High School Diploma GED (you can do the GED course with us)
  • - What is a GED course?
    It is a High School proficiency test that evaluates 4 areas of the student’s knowledge: Social Studies, Science, English and Mathematics. The GED is an interesting and highly recommended option for those students who have not completed their secondary-level studies and want access to a U.S. university in order to obtain a university degree.
  • - Are ESL (English as a Second Language) classes offered?
    For admissions, we require a level of English in accordance with the grade expectations. In any case, when a small gap needs to be covered for those students who, for some reason, are close to the required level but may have to make an extra academic effort, the school offers English classes (additional fees may apply).
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